My name is Emanuele Libralato, I am a technologist originally from Italy and currently based in Latina Rome Turin Venice London Berlin.

My background is in Software Engineering and I am interested in investigating intersections: between Art, Technology and Design.
Between Analog and Digital worlds.

I like to play with technology, I am in love with natural interfaces and I believe in a future without touchscreens.

I am currently building Superclock and Joinrs.

In the last years I have been freelancing as frontend engineer for companies and agencies like Functional Aesthetics, Futurice, Interbrand and their clients.

My current toolbox contains Java, PHP, Javascript, SQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Play, Spring, AngularJS, ReactJS, SASS, LESS, AWS, ionic, just to cite few.

I firmly believe in collaboration as main source of creativity and I am a very sociable person!

If you want to meet me in person, I spend most of my working time at my desk at Betahaus: come and say Hi!
Alternatively, you can contact me in digital spaces like:

or you could just drop me an email.