Emanuele Libralato

Hi, I am Emanuele, a passionate Technologist living and working in Berlin. I write code (mostly) for the web.

My goal is to empower my users through technology and great experiences. My clients hire me to design, implement and test user-centered solutions to their business problems and to build prototypes to explore uncharted market segments.

I am currently working full-time at Garden where we make Microservices and Kubernetes easy. Got some interesting project or topic you'd like to talk about? Do you want to just grab a coffee? You can find me on Twitter or you could send me an email. Looking forward to meeting you!

Past clients

I've been working in the industry as a Software Engineer for almost 10 years. In the last 5+ years I had the chance of working with some of the Berlin and Europe's best agencies and studios, including Futurice, functional aesthetics, Studio NAND, Useeds, Iconmobile, The Boston Consulting Group, Metadesign, Interbrand. I moved to Berlin and started freelancing, mostly as frontend engineer, after four years working mostly on backend systems between London (UK) and Venice (IT).

My toolbox

To date, I worked on a multitude of projects spanning between interactive installations, web applications, mobile apps and hardware and iot devices. I feel comfortable in all the different stack of modern web applications and I like to play with off-screen technologies. I believe in an accessible future without touchscreens.

Some of the tools I feel comfortable working with are:

HTML, JS/ES6, AngularJS, ReactJS, CSS, SASS, Babel, Webpack, Grunt, Gulp, Jasmine, Jest, ionic, phonegap.

Java, Node, PHP, SQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Play, Spring, Java-based ORMs, AWS, Ansible, Docker.

openframeworks, processing, arduino, hw prototyping.

Where to find me

At the moment I live and work in Berlin, Germany.
Say hi if you happen to be in town, feel free to reach me via email or find me in digital spaces like: